The Height Of European Castles

European castles are buildings with defensive features and strong walls that can accumulate many individuals at a time. Usually with three or more stories at each tower, the height ranges from 20 to 30 feet tall with outstanding walls that cannot be broken down easily. All castles built in the European land are seen to be very tall, wondering why? The castles are made tall to allow kings as well as queens to remain on top and have a better view of their world. This is so to show the supremacy of the kings and queens of the land, the artificial built towers are built to obstruct enemies from getting into such kingdom.

Each castle has its king, built

Each castle has its king, built with strong stones, designed nicely to prevent the entry of other enemies, all walls have been fortified enough and cannot be broken in just days but might take time to bring it down. Even strong missiles will take time to bring a fortified wall of a castle, to prevent outsiders from getting into such castles, there are defenders at each entrance. They make sure that enemies do not enter the kingdom without permission. With towers built on each side of the walls, with their sizes ranging from 15 to 30 feet tall, this has been constructed to provide protection. That is, spy as well as aim at enemies with powerful shots.

These tall castles can be there

These tall castles can be there for ages with the same quality, due to the strong query stones used to build them, they are tough. For castles, they cannot be brought down by a mire earthquake because of its strength. Many say castles are so tall and because of that it is very stressful in climbing up the castle as well as getting down, to say, it’s an undeniable fact that must be known. Climbing a 30 foot tower will not be an easy task to do at all, but for the Europeans, getting there is not a difficult task because they are used to it. A typical tower has a food storage area as well as a basement center, it can also have an artificially made water base to supply water to individuals in the castle. This will help them from leaving the castle in search of water, a designed tower on top of a 30 foot castle used to conquer opponents.

The Height Of European Castles

Mostly, it takes hundreds of workers to keep a castle to stand fit and tall, that is, a castle cannot be constructed in just a few days but, it can take several years upon completion. This is due to the height and width of the castle as well as the thickness of it, a castle cannot be done in a haste, this will lead to a poor castle being constructed. Castles with poor structures can be brought down easily by opponents, that is why it takes several years to complete a castle with towers to prevent an easy breakthrough. That is, castles were used in the past years to show the power of a given society, for a society in Europe without a castle will be considered a poor society. Those societies are normally captured by the strong forces with sieges, they add them to their forces and begin to explore for lands.

Due to this, there are wars for lands between chiefs in the European lands, that is, the winner captures the loser and takes all that they have. To say the winners took control over them as well as their land and properties, building castles for defense was one of the things that helped communities thrive. Since castles could withstand siege weapons and missiles, it was difficult to capture a king, for a 30 feet castle, it was a difficult task. It is considered that the tallness of a castle will help gain alliances from neighboring societies. As such, any tall castle that is constructed is respected, that is, it is seen to have fewer enemies but, greater alliances. Since castles have created the impression, that was the advantage of the construction of tall castles in Europe.

They were just created for self-defense and to prevent unnecessary attacks from other attackers, there is no further attack in the castle as long as there are towers.