Reasons To Move To Austria

Austria is a landlocked country located in a mountainous region of Central Europe, bordering Italy, Germany, and the Czech Republic to the north. The country has formed what is known as the neutral core of Europe from 1995 when it attained its full membership in the European Union. Austria’s greatness is attributed to its geographical location as it’s in the middle of European traffic. Important routes run in the country which has important chain links in Europe. This is why Austria has various political and economic systems today. Austria is popular for having lakes like the Pleistocene Epoch formed by glacier erosion.

Almost 70% of the total land

Almost 70% of the total land in Austria is covered by meadows and woods, making it the most forested area in Europe. This leads to the existence of a wide variety of wild animals which most are under the protection of the law. The eagles, brown bears, storks, swans, and buzzards are some animals protected by the government to prevent endangerment. Looking at religion, 75% of the total number of people in the country are Christians, while Islam and Judaism contribute to the remaining 15% while there is a 10% non-religious population in the country. Austria has a settlement pattern shaped years ago which today consists of the majority living in urban centers while 41.7% live in rural areas.

Depending on your reasons to migrate

Depending on your reasons to migrate to Austria, most will find the country a better place to live in especially if Vienna is your desired destination. Austria is full of opportunities and wonderful natural features on its landscape from the outback area to sandy beaches. The country happens to deliver adequate employment opportunities for immigrants and local people, making it easy for anyone to settle down or pay bills. Austria is a multi-ethnic country reducing the ethnic barrier to new immigrants. If you are planning to move to Austria, be ready to settle quicker than you had planned.

Reasons To Move To Austria

The country is experiencing rapid economic growth since World War II with expanding industries. This has had an impact on the availability of career opportunities, making it favorable for skilled immigrants. Economic development with good political leadership has contributed to high living standards among Austrians. Most experience quality life caused by low pollution, favorable environmental conditions, and better sanitation. Good health care, ranked as the best worldwide, has reduced mortality rates in the country while ensuring better health for Austrians. Once you move to Austria, your medical bills and hospitalization cost will be covered when you are admitted to a public hospital.

Many countries suffer from air pollution due to industrialization and the use of gas-emitting machinery. If pollution is your concern, moving to Austria may be a life-changing decision as the country has a healthy environment. For education purposes, Austria is a great place to get a quality education as Austria is ranked 8th worldwide. Austria has a better learning system than most countries, producing highly skilled graduates in the job market. The government runs a compulsory free education in primary and secondary level reducing financial stress to immigrants at this level.

The climate in Austria is favorable with moderate and warm summers as a result of compelling natural factors on its landscape. This attracts tourism hence favorable for an immigrant with business ideas on tourism or hospitality. Residents can enjoy camping, swimming, or sunbathing on beaches as the country’s coastline extends 36000 km. The national heritage in Austria is well protected with over 400 national parks. Many migrate to Austria for better salaries and higher wages due to economic growth that has steadied for the past 20 years. Despite the country having a high living standard, the availability of jobs will ensure an immigrant meets expenses.

Before immigrating to Austria, you should consider certain factors that may result in future disappointments. High living expenses may make it difficult for an immigrant to settle in Austria. Unless you find a good job fast, you may end up cashless in the country while trying to meet your expenses. High taxes on income are other factors that may discourage a new resident in the country. Most pay more than 40% to tax from their total income. A tax hike is unavoidable for those earning less than a specific amount.